many free hugs!

I chose to make a profession out of my love for animals, thus the only method used in my beauty salon for dogs and cats is that of loving care, our little friends are groomed with love all the time long and we never deny a warm caress...

Grooming is synonymous with wellness; habitual brushing and bathes are very important for a good hygiene, this allows us to take off dead hair and stimulate the flow of blood. Moreover a proper care of dog's skin will help prevent dermatological diseases and diminish the risk of parasites attack. The dog's very mood will benefit from being taken off dead hair.

Our advices for the health and happines of our four-legged friend consist of good bodywork, a healthy diet, loads of love (!!) and habitual grooming sessions handled by a professional.

In my salon I chose to sell REALLY cruelty-free feed and cosmetics and by this I mean that every product wasn't tested on animals. Neither was the end product nor the raw materials that it's made up of!!! Also the raw materials don't come from intensive farmings. My salon aims at full respect of every animals, not just ours!